Observing Nature in order to understand it and reveal its riches, preserving a legacy of savoir-faire, respecting the work of time: Since the founding of the company by the Delamain family, that has been the unchanged philosophy perpetuated by nine generations of naturalists who are sincerely attached to their land.

Nicholas Delamain


The story begins in 1625 when Nicholas Delamain left his native Saintonge for London. He was the chef-de-suite of Henriette-Marie de France, sister of Louis XIII and future spouse of King Charles 1st of England. The kingdom, more hospitable to his Protestant religion than France, accepted him, later even granting him nobility.

James Delamain


In 1751, one of Nicholas’ descendants, James Delamain, initiated a return to France and worked in the trade of the eaux-de-vie of Cognac. In 1759, he settled in Jarnac, where he began to understand its commercial advantages. Located on the banks of the Charente river, the city was on a prime waterway leading directly to coastal ports. Three years later, James partnered with his father-in-law, Jean-Isaac Ranson, who had an export company. A leader of trade with Ireland, Maison Ranson & Delamain became one of the most important trading companies of the era.

Henry Delamain


James’ descendants successfully managed the business over time, beginning with Henry, his great-grandson. In addition to practicing the production and trade of cognacs, he became interested in natural history and local archaeology. A renowned entomologist, he initiated a real family tradition that continues to this day: Deeply attached to their region, the Delamains are guided by a sustained desire for harmony with Nature.

Jacques and Robert Delamain


Born in 1874 and 1879, Jacques and Robert Delamain pursued the trade activities of their predecessors, while indulging in their respective passions. Eminent ornithologist, Jacques observed birds in nature, ultimately publishing his work, Why the Birds Sing. Under the auspices of the recently-established League for the Protection of Birds, he transformed his property into a reserve. Robert was an ethnologist and specialist in local history, publishing The History of Cognac, which remains a reference.

Charles Braastad


In 2017, Charles Braastad, a 9th generation and direct descendant of James Delamain, took over leadership of the Maison. With commitment and dedication, he perpetuating the artisanal approach and open spirit his family’s long naturalist tradition.

In 2024, after more than twenty-five years at the House, Charles Braastad succeeds Dominique Touteau as Cellar master. Honouring the family traditions, he is the guardian of the House’s unique style.